11 Games That Every Fighting Game Fan Needs This Year

Here are the best ones you need be playing and watching.

It's a flawless time to be a fighter.

It’s a flawless time to be a fighter.

Not only have several long-awaited games and expansions dropped in the last few months, competitive fighting games are growing quickly on Twitch and YouTube. Even if you don't end up buying all these games, you can easily watch them at one of the major competetive tournaments this year, like EVO or CEO.


Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V

For people who enjoy: Classic, clean gameplay. The Street Fighter series only releases new installments about once a decade and the new game, while plagued with some release issues, has one of the best core systems in the series. It only looks to improve with several new characters and features being added in the next few months.

Where to watch it: EVO 2016, scheduled for July 15th-17th, is the biggest yearly fighting game tournament and Street Fighter V has broken registration numbers already. Before then, you can watch it on Team Spooky's Twitch and YouTube channels.

Available on: PS4, PC


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