13 Shows To Watch With The Hufflepuff In Your Life

Invite joy into your heart.

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Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

Every Hogwarts house is represented in this show, but ultimately it's an unerringly sunny series about a woman whose hard work and perseverance sees her dreams come true both in work and beyond. That's Hufflepuffian to a T.

The entire series is streaming on Netflix.


Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin

With all its aquas and pinks, Jane the Virgin feels like wading into a warm bath. It provides us with all the drama of a telenovela, but is balances out by all the comedy and heart of Gilmore Girls.

The first season is streaming on Netflix.

The CW



Supergirl herself is a Gryffindor proud and true. But the energy of this show is pure Hufflepuff: Sunny, kind, and devoted to the tenet of fair play.

Available for streaming on the official CBS app.


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