13 Shows To Watch With The Ravenclaw In Your Life

Soothe and excite your brain.

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Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Adventure, time-travel, the vast expanse of space… this is a show that covers the gamut of the Hogwarts houses, but Ravenclaws especially be drawn to everything timey-wimey happening here. So many of these adventures, after all, are about learning new things.

The entire (newest version of the) series is streaming on Amazon Prime.


How To Get Away With Murder

How To Get Away With Murder

There's certainly an argument for Slytherin cunning. But this show is also about wrapping your head around what's in front of you – about finding your logistical way out of that space between the rock and the hard place.

The first season is available for streaming on Netflix, with recent episodes available on Hulu Plus.




Ravenclaws are often cornered as a very stiff type of intelligent. But it's just as much about creativity – and thinking outside the box. Enter a show all about the exploration of what is real. Enter Fox and Dana scaling the walls of said box.

The original series is available for streaming on Netflix.


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