15 Incredibly Easy Protective Styles That Will Work On Any Hair Texture

Because box braids aren’t the move if you have fine hair.

Praise hands for these jumbo braids 🙌.

Praise hands for these jumbo braids 🙌.

Jumbo braids are a good alternative to box braids because they're lighter and create less tension on your hair. The key is to part your hair off into very large sections. Note that if you braid really tight, the braids will be more stiff. For more swing, braid loose enough so that your hair moves.

Watch how she adds in braiding hair in this video.

@charmsie / Via instagram.com

Fan bun on deck.

Fan bun on deck.

If your hair is especially fine or delicate, pull it up into a ponytail, braid only the ends so that when you tuck them into your band, the hair is stronger and less likely to break.

Watch this easy tutorial here to get the look.

@naturally_zeze / Via instagram.com

Yaaas to these oh so regal bantu knots!

You can control how tight or loose you want your bantu knots, and they're super easy to do. For added fullness and/or length, just add in braiding hair.

Press play to watch how she does it.

Instagram: @kersti / Via instagram.com

Literally here for every part of this bun hawk.

Literally here for every part of this bun hawk.

Horizontally part your hair into three sections, secure each one with a hair tie, and wrap the loose hair into a bun. Add in braiding hair for more fullness. Or, you can actually buy a bun hawk unit like this beauty is wearing. (I know, looks sooooo real!)

See how she attaches the bun hawk here.

Kay Glamazon / Via youtube.com

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