16 Reasons Why You Should Date A Lacrosse Player

We’re fit, we’re feisty and we’re fantastic with our hands.

We can handle you like we handle the weather – in every condition possible.

We can handle you like we handle the weather – in every condition possible.

Lacrosse is an all-weather sport, meaning we're gritty as can be. Whether it's pouring with torrential rain or there's a snow blizzard coming our way, we play. If we can take whatever the weather throws us at us, then you can be certain that we can take you at your best and your worst.

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We’re very protective.

We're very protective.

The aim of lacrosse is to protect the ball, so we're naturally very protective when it comes to our relationships. We'll keep a close eye on you and look after you, as we would a teammate. We may sometimes seem a little intense, but it's only because we care!

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We’re good with our hands.

We're good with our hands.

Lacrosse is a very fiddly sport. We have to master a number of tricky skills, from using both hands to play the game to having super quick reflexes, so let's just say out ability to handle balls isn't only limited to the lacrosse pitch 😉

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And we’ve got excellent stamina.

And we've got excellent stamina.

There's no time to rest when it comes to a lacrosse match. As soon as the other team has the ball, sometimes there's such a quick turnaround that you have to be on your toes ready to run the full length of the pitch to catch them up. Lots of running = endurance on and off the pitch.

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