16 Things You Shouldn’t Say To An LGBT Parent

If you see us at an end-of-school event, please don’t ask us this stuff.

« Are you married? »

"Are you married?"

Seems like an innocent question but you just opened up the Big Gay Can of Matrimonial Worms. Now you're going to have to listen as we tell you all of our anniversaries: when we had our « commitment ceremony, » when we got married in Canada, when we got married in Massachusetts, when we got married in our home state once it was legal, and how we celebrated the Supreme Court ruling. Pull up a chair and settle in, it's going to take awhile.

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« Where did you get your kids? »

"Where did you get your kids?"

Despite popular belief, children are not currently eligible for purchase through Amazon Prime and we do not get them from catalogues. We actually don't « get » them anywhere. We create our families in the myriad of ways straight couples do. Weird, I know.

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« What do the kids call you? »

"What do the kids call you?"

Does it really matter? Mommy. Daddy. Chuck. Bilbo. Queen Elizabeth. Whatever. Mostly, they call us for rides.

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« I love Ellen and Neil Patrick Harris! »

"I love Ellen and Neil Patrick Harris!"

Us too but you know there are other out celebrities, right? At least throw in Laverne Cox. We know y'all watch Orange Is The New Black.

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