17 Not-So-Smart Things You Should Stop Telling Women Who Wear Weaves

“If you really loved yourself, you’d wear your real hair.”

« Wigs and weaves are tacky. »

"Wigs and weaves are tacky."

😍 Tacky where, tho?

@anthonycuts / Via instagram.com

« They cheapen your look. »

"They cheapen your look."

The face you make when you know you look like money 💰

@filthyrichtresses / Via instagram.com

« And they always look so fake. »

"And they always look so fake."

@heatfreehair / Via instagram.com

« Ugh, full sew-ins are just so ‘wiggy’. »

"Ugh, full sew-ins are just so 'wiggy'."

@hairbybobby / Via instagram.com

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