19 Songs That Actually Helped People Get Through Their Breakups

“This song made me appreciate myself again after feeling very worthless.”

“All I Ask” – Adele

“All I Ask” – Adele

« I'm going through a breakup at the moment and the one song that I have been listening to constantly is 'All I Ask' By Adele. It's all about the last night you spend with someone before going your separate ways.

« My breakup came out of the blue, I was totally blindsided by it, so this song has helped a lot with lyrics like 'If this is my last night with you, hold me like I'm more than just your friend. / Give me a memory that I can use, take me by the hand while we do what lovers do. / It matters how this ends, cos what if I never love again?' »

– Josh Booth, Facebook

TheEllenShow / Via youtube.com

« Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself » – Jess Glynne

"Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself" – Jess Glynne

« This song was my life throughout last summer. I had gone through a terrible breakup with my boyfriend of two years and my life had hit rock-bottom. I didn’t feel worth anything and then one day Jess Glynne came on the radio. I’ve never been one for song lyrics to hit me emotionally, but this song really did get me on so many levels. It let me see that it wasn’t my fault that my relationship broke down and that I wasn’t worthless, but that I was a person who would eventually be happy again and I thank God for that song in my life because now I’m happier than ever before. »

– Adriana Tomei, Facebook

Jess Glynne / Via youtube.com

« You Oughta Know » – Alanis Morissette

"You Oughta Know" – Alanis Morissette

« He was my first love and he dumped me whilst I was on a three-month backpacking trip, and within a week he was with someone else. I was in this beautiful place, dying inside. I'd heard this song tons of times but it was the first time I really listened to the lyrics and it was EVERYTHING I felt summed up in a catchy tune. I must have listened to it a thousand times on repeat and spent many hours dramatically lurching around beaches acting out the lyrics. »

– Rose Wilson, Facebook

Alanis Morissette / Via Youtube

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