26 International TV Shows Worth Watching

Great television knows no borders.

Wentworth (Australia)

Wentworth (Australia)

« It's an Australian prison drama. All three seasons are available on Netflix here in the U.S., as well as other countries around the world. Definitely a great show to binge-watch. My partner and I watched all three seasons within three days. »

—Spencer James French, Facebook


Les Revenants (France)

Les Revenants (France)

« Les Revenants is a drama about an isolated village in the French Alps where people mysteriously start coming back from the dead. It is beautifully shot and consistently compelling. More of a suspense/ thriller than proper horror. There was a U.S. remake of it too, but it doesn't do the original French version justice! »



Hatufim (Israel)

Hatufim (Israel)

« It's not a current show, but Prisoners of War (Hatufim) is available on Hulu (subscription only). It is the original Israeli inspiration for Homeland. It's in Hebrew with English subtiltes. I really enjoyed it. »

—Mike Gorman, Facebook

Channel 2

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