26 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of May ’68

A look at this month, 48 years ago.

A Vietcong base camp burns in the background as Private First Class Raymond Rumpa of C Company, 3rd Battalion, 47th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division, walks past carrying a 90mm recoilless rifle on May 4th.

REX / Shutterstock

A soldier stands lookout as Capt. Charles Robb inspects his gun positions on an outpost in a northern province near Danang, Vietnam, in May.

Eddie Adams / AP

Soldiers of the U.S. 101st airborne division mourn their buddies killed in battle near Hue, Vietnam on May 31st. Helmets of the fallen soldiers rest atop M-16 rifles sticking from ground on bayonets. While peace talks continued at the time in Paris, Viet Cong forces continued offensives around Saigon and other areas of South Vietnam.

AP Photo

Young Vietnamese men on motorbikes stop to look at a Viet Cong soldier killed in the western section of Saigon, Cholon, during day-long fighting on May 5th. A group of Viet Cong moved into the area following a mortar barrage on different parts of the city. The fighting which took place in Cholon was near a heavily-hit area during the Tet Offensive.

Eddie Adams / AP

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