26 People Explain Why They Stopped Trying To Lose Weight

And how they found self-acceptance.

Just a quick disclaimer! Bodies are different but so are people's relationships to them. Some of what people shared might resonate, other stuff may not. None of these should be considered tips or advice for everyone across the board. You (and only you) know what's best for your mental and physical health!

Because hitting that goal weight didn’t magically make them happy.

Because hitting that goal weight didn't magically make them happy.

« I lost all the weight, thinking that the promise of happiness and a better life would come true. But I found out I was the exact same person I was when I was fat [so I stopped]. I'm the first person to 'fail' at keeping it off and feel happy about it. »

—Gwen Offutt, Facebook

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

« I put myself on a very strict diet/exercise regimen for a year before my wedding, and I hated every second of it. I lost 35 pounds, but I realized I still didn't like the way I looked. I realized I needed to focus on liking who I am and stop with the food anxiety. »

—Jennifer Job, Facebook

« I realized that my dieting had caused me to become even more withdrawn from the world than my depression had because of how fearful I was of eating a 'bad' or 'off limits' type of food. Socially, the diets that I attempted caused me to suffer. I even missed family events because I wasn't at my goal weight, and I wasn't ready for judgment yet. Dieting only made me feel more depressed and more desperate for a binge to comfort me. It can be severely damaging. »

—Laura Hill, Facebook

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