27 Activities You Can Do To Improve Your Body Image

Psssst — they’re not all athletic ones, either.

Switching up Your Look

Switching up Your Look

« I just dyed my hair bright purple, which was an incredibly liberating experience. When I look in the mirror I don't see my 'flaws'; I see how good I look! » — Dangel3272

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« It teaches you how powerful you can be, whatever your size or ablility. You discover strength and confidence you would never have believed possible. And as a woman, you learn how to take care of yourself and start walking around with your head held higher, because you know how to really kick ass. Just make sure you find a dojo or class that you feel comfortable in, and an instructor who is patient and kind. » — S CA Sievers, Facebook

Roller Derby

Roller Derby

« There is nothing like skating with an amazingly diverse group of people (men included!) to show you that you can be strong and fast at any size or shape. Not to mention that your teammates give the best compliments, and love you no matter what you look like. » — maddyk40c2de9be

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