27 Tips For Labor And Delivery From Moms Who’ve Been There

Beyond bringing food for the nurses. But do that too.

Do your research.

Do your research.

« Research everything. Look into home birth, birth centers, hospitals, pitocin, epidurals, vaccines, doulas, breastfeeding, circumcision, etc. Know the risks and benefits of it all. Learn why it all happens the way it does. You owe it to yourself and your child to make the most informed decision possible. »


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« Think of the pain as productive. If you imagine that each contraction is helping to bring your baby out, it can start feeling less like pain and more like pressure. »

— Andrea McBurney Leger, Facebook

Don’t labor on an empty stomach.

Don't labor on an empty stomach.

« Eat! Seriously. Eat something before you get there. Once you're there you're shit outta luck on food until it's done. Overnight labor on an empty stomach is hell! »


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