28 Songs That’ll Transport Every Latino To The Early ’00s

Say “Aserejé, ja deje tejebe tude jebere” fast three times.

« Aserejé (The Ketchup Song) » — Las Ketchup

"Aserejé (The Ketchup Song)" — Las Ketchup

Why you loved it: Because you knew the dance, even if you didn't know what the song was about.

Sony Records / Via youtube.com

« A Dios le Pido » — Juanes

"A Dios le Pido" — Juanes

Why you loved it: Because this is the most upbeat and relatable « prayer » you've ever heard.

Universal Music Latino / Via youtube.com

« Yo Te Amo » — Chayanne

"Yo Te Amo" — Chayanne

Why you loved it: Because this made you feel like you had love all figured out.

Sony Music / Via youtube.com

« El Dolor de Tu Presencia » — Jennifer Peña

"El Dolor de Tu Presencia" — Jennifer Peña

Why you loved it: Because you couldn't turn on Univision without hearing it once or twice a day.

Universal Music Group / Via youtube.com

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