28 Ways To Raise Kids To Love Their Bodies

To help you raise kids who respect all bodies, including their own.

Don’t insult anyone’s body, even in jest.

Don't insult anyone's body, even in jest.

« Step 1. Don't insult their bodies. Even jokingly. My father was incapable of having a conversation with me as a child without pointing out at least one physical flaw to 'tease me' about. That may sound like an exaggeration, but it really is not.

Step 2. Don't insult your own body in front of them. Even jokingly.

Step 3. Don't insult other people's bodies in front of them. Even jokingly. »

—Angie Saki, Facebook

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Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want your kid to do.

Don't do anything you wouldn't want your kid to do.

« I had a kinda inspired moment standing in the grocery store holding my typical pack of diet pills and I just said to myself 'How would I feel if I saw my daughter doing this?' I put them back on the shelf. »

—Abbie Kuechler, Facebook

Walt Disney Pictures / Via beanmom.tumblr.com

Try to not to use gendered compliments.

Try to not to use gendered compliments.

« When I worked in preschool, and now as a nanny, I make it a point to stay away from compliments that are commonly specific to gender. For example, most people call girls 'pretty' and boys 'strong' when complimenting them. From an early age, we are showing children that their worth lies in one attribute. I've tried to get my brain out of that and compliment about more than outward appearance. Even a small switch of saying 'You're so creative' or 'kind' works better for me. »

—Adrianna Light, Facebook

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