30 Things You Might Not Know About « Freaky Friday »

Kelly Osbourne was originally cast in the movie!

1. The movie was inspired by Freaky Friday, a 1972 novel by Mary Rodgers.

2. A 1976 Disney adaptation of the book was a zany farcical film of the same title starring teenage Jodie Foster.

3. Disney also produced a mostly forgotten made for TV version of the movie in 1995. It starred Gaby Hoffmann, who you might recognise from Sleepless in Seattle and GIRLS, as the daughter.

4. Kelly Osbourne was set to make her movie debut in the film, playing the lead singer of Anna's band, but dropped out when her mother was diagnosed with cancer.

5. Annette Bening was originally meant to play the part of Tess, the mother in the movie, but dropped out at the last minute.

6. Jamie Lee Curtis was in the middle of a book tour when she was offered the part of Tess, and only accepted when she was reassured that shooting wouldn't get in the way of her parenting commitments.


7. Freaky Friday was Lindsay Lohan's second movie released in theatres, after The Parent Trap in 1998.

8. The character of Anna was originally written as a goth, but Lohan believed this wouldn't work, as « No one could relate to the character when she was really goth, there was nothing there. »

9. Lohan attended her audition wearing preppy Abercrombie & Fitch clothing, despite the goth character, so the studio ended up rewriting the part completely.

10. Lohan did her own grunge nails for the movie.

11. She had to be tutored on set because she was still in school, and studied The Bell Jar while making the movie.

12. To play an adult trapped in a teenage body, Lohan spent a long time learning how to replicate Curtis' posture.

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