6 Makeovers That Prove The Transformative Power Of Beards

Subtle changes that make a big difference.

Jon Premosch / Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

If you have one, you recognize the beard's power to literally transform your face.

But beards also tend to grow fast, and sometimes they can be difficult to maintain. And while a rugged look is cool, what about the times when you need a more polished, groomed face, but still want to keep your facial hair?

We worked with several stylists at the Martial Vivot salon in New York to get some tips on how to maintain a great beard no matter what style/length you have.

Martial Vivot / Via martialvivot.com

  • a beard trimmer
  • comb
  • scissors
  • tweezers
  • beard oil (optional, but strongly encouraged)

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