60 Things All New Yorkers Have Done But Would Never Admit

Forgive us, NYC, for we have sinned.

1. Told your date you were taking the subway so you'd appear virtuous, then walked around the block and hopped in a cab.

2. Quietly and discreetly vomited out the window of a cab because there's no way in hell you're willing to risk making the driver mad at you by barfing inside it, no matter how drunk you are.

3. Pretended not to see the ambiguously old person nearby on the subway because it's been a long day, and you don't wanna give up your seat.

4. Also pretended not to see the mom carrying the giant stroller as you're walking up the stairs.

5. Used the breeze from an arriving subway car to evaporate the beads of sweat forming around your hairline on a muggy summer day.

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