9 Workouts To Get Your Body Beach Ready

Beach season is the best season! Follow these easy workouts you can do anywhere, and you’ll have the ultimate beach bod in no time.

Practice tanning by lying in bed facedown for 20 minutes. Roll onto your back and lie there for another 20 minutes.
Difficulty: Low (not accidentally falling asleep is the biggest challenge here)
Reps: 2–10, depending on whether or not you doze off

Place smoothie ingredients into blender, and do the bop-dance upon completion.
Difficulty: Moderate
Reps: 1–2, depending on smoothie refills needed

Sitting with your fresh smoothie in hand, lean forward to take a sip.
Difficulty: Max lax
Reps: 10–15, depending on how many sips it takes to finish smoothie

Run after the ice cream man. Hurry he's getting away!
Difficulty: Vigorous. Just don’t slip!
Reps: 20–25, or 30–35 to really build endurance

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