Here’s Why The Queen’s Speech Will Be A Battle For The Government

Spending cuts, big reforms to public services and a tiny majority in the Commons. BuzzFeed News finds out why it’s a perfect storm for the Tories.

David Cameron (right) and Chancellor George Osborne listen to the Queen's speech in May 2015.


On Wednesday the monarch will, for the 65th time, read out what the government has in store for parliament over the next year. Measures to crack down on terrorist extremism, reform prisons, shake up human rights and kick off space tourism are among the plans expected.

But the ambitious programme comes at a tricky time for ministers, following a raft of embarrassing U-turns over policies ranging from disability cuts to academies. That's partly because the Tory government has a slender working majority of just 17 – and Conservative backbenchers are getting increasingly bold about standing up to outgoing prime minister David Cameron.

BuzzFeed News spoke to the report's author Daniel Thornton. « A combination of austerity, ambitious reforms and a weak position in parliament means they need to move carefully, they need to consult, they need to look at the capacity of the system to make change, » he said.

« They're rushing ahead on all fronts – it's big cuts in departments and agencies as well as big changes to the way they're run. Even where they get legislation through, if a service is really under strain, what they're trying to do won't be effective. »

Queen Elizabeth II delivers the Queen's Speech in 2015.

Ben Stansall / PA

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