Lauren Conrad Makes A Bouquet That You’d Actually Want To Receive

Because food > flowers.

Set provided by Gracie Studio.

Jon Promosch / Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

If you've ever spent hours scrolling through Lauren Conrad's Instagram of aesthetic perfection or meticulously scoured her website for your next DIY craft, then her new book Lauren Conrad Celebrate should probably be taking up space on your nightstand immediately. It's pretty much a Pinterest-worthy guide on how to throw a Lauren Conrad–approved bash, featuring everything from lifestyle tips to recipes and more.

Conrad stopped by BuzzFeed New York to teach us Party Planning 101 — and because she's so crafty, she did all of that while also showing us how to make the ​*perfect*​ not-flower bouquet that your BFF would actually want to receive. Because who wants flowers when you can get macarons and doughnut holes instead?

Check out Lauren’s cookie bouquet tutorial below, and read on for even more party-planning tips!

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Lauren Conrad: The three main ones are a good menu — good cocktails, appetizers, whatever you're serving. Decor is really important: I think it separates that occasion from everyday life; it makes it feel more special. And then the last thing is music. I think a playlist is often forgotten and kind of left till the last minute, but i think it really sets the mood for any party so I think that's important.

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