Matthew Perry And Thomas Lennon Find Out How Well They Really Know Each Other

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Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon are no strangers to each other: They've starred alongside each other for years — remember the instant classic 17 Again? — and can currently be found spending hours together on set filming their hit CBS show The Odd Couple. Upon playing our BFF game we discovered that they are, in fact, a kind of « odd couple » and they actually know each other really well. Watch the video below, then read on to see how they fared!

What is Tom most likely to be found doing between takes on set?


Matthew Perry: I've got mine.

Thomas Lennon: My answer is « Stretching out like Richard Simmons. » Wow, look at that. We got it. No matter how much money we make on winning this [game], he has more.

What is Matthew most likely to be found doing between takes on set?


MP: I misspelled something.

TL: Lying on a couch!

MP: You got me. OK, we do know each other!

TL: We actually know each other really, really well.

What is Tom's favorite curse word?


MP: My favorite swearword is different.

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Perfect. In that case, what is Matthew's favorite curse word?


TL: I think it's something fun, you've got that Canadian flair…is it « clusterfuck »? Like, « This has turned into a real clusterfuck, eh? »

MP: No, that's not a swear word.

TL: Oh. What’ve you got?

MP: Fuckface.

TL: Oh, fuckface! I was close!

MP: I just put the word fuckface in my play.

TL: Did you? Did people like it?

MP: Yeah. Laughed a lot.

TL: They love it.

MP: « Clusterfuck » you thought was my favorite word?

TL: No, I was trying to think of a word. I don't hear you swear very much.

MP: I swear a lot.

TL: Really?

MP: Yeah.

TL: Not at me.

MP: No, internally. You should hear what I'm saying right now.

TL: You can listen if you get really close. [leans in] Oh yeah. That's pretty dark.

What is Tom's secret talent?


MP: Yeah, very different. We failed that round.

TL: If you think I'm good at yoga, you should see me juggle.

MP: I can juggle, too.

TL: Yeah, I know! We should juggle on the show together.

What is Matthew's secret talent?


MP: Ooh. I don't know what my secret talent is.

TL: Look how quickly I started writing.

MP: I don't know what my secret talent is!

TL: Want me to tell you? What'd you write? Complaining? Or tennis! So if you need someone after the weekend who's gonna complain about the staff —

MP: — but that's not a secret talent, everybody knows I play tennis!

TL: Everybody?

MP: [To BuzzFeed] Don't you guys know that I play tennis?

BF: I kinda knew.

MP: But you don't know that I complain all the time!

What was Tom's high school yearbook superlative?


TL: The real one? I really was one. And it's pretty lame! It's not Most Likely to Have Jazz Hands. [To Matthew] What'd you put?

MP: Most Talkative.

TL: No! I was voted Most Likely to Succeed!

MP: Oh, you were!

TL: I was voted Most Talkative.

MP: I could see that!

What would you say the biggest perk of being Matthew's friend is?


TL: This is just one. [To Matthew] What'd you put? « Getting to hang out at [your] house. » The house is amazing. I actually put something similar: « Riding around in his cool cars. »

MP: There you go!

TL: Also, it's a lot of fun! It's like I'm Robin. I'm your Robin a lot of the times.

MP: Yeah, you are.

TL: We should get a little sidecar.

MP: Yeah, we should.

TL: Yeah, you know?

MP: That sounds like a joke, but I think you're serious.

TL: I'm pretty serious. I'll do a sketch later of the little sidecar. I want to ride around in it!

What would Tom say is the funniest thing that's happened while you were filming?


TL: I put the time we almost had to kiss. That was pretty weird, remember?

MP: I put any time we argue.

TL: Oh, there you go!

MP: Well, that's the funnest part. The funniest thing is when we argue.

What type of food does Matthew hate the most?


TL: I wrote « green things »!

MP: I wrote « fish. »

TL: Oh. I forgot you hate fish.

MP: I hate fish.

TL: I know that for a while I was buying you a green juice every day. Then one day you said, « Don't ever ever do that again. »

MP: I thought I was being real nice and you were like, « Just don't. Just stop. »

TL: I like those wellness shots, though!

MP: Those, I know! Those are good.

What type of food does Tom hate the most?

TL: I honestly can't think of anything.

MP: That's what I said!

TL: I know. I'm just a positive person.

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What is Tom's favorite role of Matthew's?


TL: I don't know his name, so I'm going with what I refer to him as. [Looks at Matthew's answer.] Ah! Studio 60 guy apparently has a name.

MP: We got that right?

TL: Of course!

MP: All right!

TL: You know I loved you as Studio 60 guy! Always walking around fast.

What is Matthew's favorite role of Tom's?


TL: I put « Cop in shorts. »

MP: Same thing!

TL: Oh, there we go! We did it.

Last question: Without looking at each other…what color are each other's eyes?


TL: Hazel. You were very close.

MP: I'm close. And you're right.

TL: Yeah, ice blue.

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The Odd Couple airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/7:30 PT on CBS.

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