This Adorable Baby Alpaca Had To Be Rescued After It Got Stuck In A Hole

It took more than 24 hours to find the missing one-week-old alpaca, who was trapped in a dirt hole with only its head sticking out.

Govin’s Farm / Via Facebook: govinsfarm

Farmers in Wisconsin noticed a baby alpaca was missing last week when it didn't return to eat dinner with its mother, prompting a search of the farm for the small animal.

« The baby is a week old and it always comes with its mother when I feed grain in the evening, » said a farmer identified as John on the Govin's Farm Facebook page.

More than 24 hours after farmers noticed the alpaca was missing, John found the youngling trapped in a dirt hole and surrounded by its herd.

« The entire alpaca herd was lying around the hole, » John said. « It was really strange to see because she was entirely underground when I first saw her. »

The farm said alpacas love to roll around in the dirt and that the baby alpaca, also known as a cria or alpaclette, likely slid into an old badger hole while taking a dust bath.

A video of the rescue posted on Facebook showed John carefully shovel dirt from around the alpaca's head, while a concerned mama cautiously checks on her daughter.

Govin’s Farm / Via Facebook: govinsfarm

It takes a few tries, but eventually John was able to pull the alpaclette from the ground.

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