This French Bulldog Puppy Sitting In A Watermelon And Eating It Is The Happiest Thing Ever

Just try and not smile.

This is Rolex, a French bulldog puppy who has won over Instagram with his incredible cuteness.

Instagram: @shelisrolex

Rolex shares an Instagram account with his older sister Sheli, a 1-year-old Frenchie. Together they have amassed over 17,000 followers.

Their owner, Natalie Shalom, told ABC News that Rolex is a « perfect little model. »

« Everywhere we go, he captures everyone's attention, » she said. « He has such a big personality. He's a character. »

But Rolex is now kicking cuteness up a notch with this insanely adorable video of himself eating a watermelon…WHILE SITTING IN IT.

Instagram: @shelisrolex

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