This Gay Man Was Kicked Out Of An Event At His Old School For Dressing « Inappropriately »

A Facebook post by a man who was turned away from an event run by his former high school is going viral, with many questioning why his attire was deemed « inappropriate », by the school.

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Facebook: angus.mccormack.5

Angus McCormack arrived at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Bendigo, Victoria, on May 6 to attend the annual Foundation Day Service run by his former high school, Girton Grammar.

However, just after his arrival, McCormack was asked to leave by deputy head Robyn MacCulloch, as he was « dressed inappropriately ». Not wanting to create a scene, McCormack says he left immediately.

« My family and I are incredibly hurt by the actions, » he wrote on Facebook, in a post that has since garnered thousands of likes, shares, and comments.

« This kind of discrimination against any person regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation or beliefs is just utterly appalling. »

He was attending the event as a guest of his father, Christopher McCormack, who was on the Girton Grammar School board but has now resigned.

McCormack wrote that people who know him would be aware he often makes « bold choices of fashion ».

Angus McCormack / Via Facebook: angus.mccormack.5

Prior to the event, the school had requested in an email to Christopher McCormack that his son wear a suit, as they would be seated at the front of the church.

« I was originally considering rocking a dress and some killer heels! » Angus McCormack wrote. « However, I decided to 'tone down' my appearance and be respectful to their wishes. Therefore, I decided to wear minimal makeup, a single small earring, neat black leather pants, a white shirt with a black bow tie and black designer jacket. »

« A suit by any definition of the word, although not in the typical commercial fabrics. »

Girton Grammar headmaster Matthew Maruff issued a statement saying the incident was « an issue of dress code for occasion and institution, not one of sexual discrimination ».

Headmaster’s Welcome / Girton Grammar / Via

“At no time, past or present, has Angus been discriminated against on grounds of sexuality in any way by Girton Grammar School, » the statement read.

According to the statement, McCormack was informed his attire was inappropriate, but not asked to immediately leave.

“Angus may have felt that he had no choice but to leave,” Maruff said. “His quick departure left no opportunity for an alternative outcome to be achieved.”

On Thursday, Maruff told the Bendigo Advertiser that although he had not seen McCormack's attire, it was inappropriate for a person in the VIP party at the event.

“What we would call lounge suit would be the appropriate attire,” he said.

Since he posted about the incident, McCormack has been overwhelmed with a slew of positive comments from people who feel he was treated unfairly.

Via Facebook: angus.mccormack.5

Via Facebook: angus.mccormack.5

Via Facebook: angus.mccormack.5

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