This Guy Made A Flowchart That Perfectly Sums Up How To React To A Plane Crash On Facebook

It’s so simple!

Facebook: dahshan / Twitter: @eldahshan

El Dahshan told BuzzFeed News that he was inspired to make it because of how much misinformation has been spreading social media during moments of crisis.

« Some armchair analysts just love to pass for serious pundits, pontificating with absolutely zero knowledge on the subject. People I personally know know nothing about the matter, » he said. « And some readers will read, retweet, and spread their nonsense. »

And just because he's sharing a funny flowchat, doesn't mean he's not taking the crash of EgyptAir Flight MS804 seriously.

« I'm Egyptian have have spent more than a decade in France. The Paris-Cairo route is one I've taken more often than I can count. I am fretting at the mere thought that a friend, a student of mine, or someone I rubbed shoulders with could have been on this, » he said. « I cannot imagine how the families of the victims must feel when they read the torrent of half-assed theories spoken by unabashed morons gunning for retweets. »

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