This Is What Happened When We Showed Non-Australians Photos Of Aussie Stuff

“How do you people live in these conditions?!”

BuzzFeed Australia sent 15 uncaptioned photos of Australian things to our international offices and asked them to write down their immediate thoughts. This is what happened:

Sydney Harbour during a thunderstorm.

Sydney Harbour during a thunderstorm.

Paul (UK): Probably a more honest tourism photo than the sunny ones.

Katie (US): This looks like one of those fake viral images that goes around Twitter when a storm is coming.

Rosa (US): I know I should feel concerned for the people of the harbour, but honestly, I'd love to be in the heart of that storm.

Francis (UK): The four horsemen of the apocalypse are about to gallop above Sydney Harbour. Tell your families you love them.

Juliana (Brazil): WOW! It's a wave in the sky!

Hilary (UK): Wait, what is that? Is that…bad weather? Surely not. You don't have that there — I've certainly never seen any in Neighbours.

Karima (India): Beauty. Ekdam kadak. (Mumbai expression for « perfect ».)

Lena (Germany):

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