We Found Out If Blondes Really Have More Fun

A thoroughly scientific approach to the most intriguing question of our lifetime.

Jenny Change / Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

So we, a group of non-blondes, set out on a highly scientific experiment to determine whether or not this was an actual truth, or just something blonde people say to make us feel inferior.

After reviewing the notes in our Lisa Frank binders from 4th grade science class, we bought a trifold board and began outlining what we would need to answer the question. In order for our data to have any weight, the experiment must be repeatable. We repeated it four times — with the naturally dark-haired Jessica, Christina, Dria and Sarah.

Blondes have more fun.

Blondes have more fun.

If it's on t-shirts and memes, it must be true, right?

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