We Held A Chocolate Chip Cookie Taste-A-Thon

It’s a hard life, but we did it to bring you the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Lauren Zaser / Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

The 10 recipes came from all over the cookie spectrum. There was the New York Times' top pick, the Nestlé Toll House version that we all grew up with, and favorites from Bon Appétit and bloggers like Tara O'Brady of Seven Spoons.

I wanted to include something for everyone, because even though I've spent many years as a professional recipe creator, I know that not everyone is necessarily looking for the same kind of cookie. For this test, I asked my co-workers to taste all 10, then pick their absolute favorite.

David Bertozzi / BuzzFeed

I used the same size cookie scoop for all the cookies, as well as the same brands of ingredients. I baked off and tried one cookie right away, but for the sake of even testing, I chilled all the dough for 24 hours before baking.

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