We Re-Created Nat Geo’s Instagrams And We Are Not Worthy

Like DAMN, these animals know how to POSE.

National Geographic’s Instagram is pretty freaking cute.

Note Tachi the fox's forward stare. His left paw slightly ahead of his right. His ears alert. How did this Catalina Island fox nail this pose? And could we possibly re-create it?

The National Geographic Instagram currently has 49.4 million followers. It's the only Instagram account in the top 15 that's not run by a celebrity. The photos are not of Kardashians, or The Rock, but of animals.

We wanted to try to capture that je ne sais quoi of Nat's Geo's Instas so that we, too, could get in on some of the Instagram goodness.

Instagram: @natgeo

Joel Sartore / National Geographic

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

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