We Posed Like “Sports Illustrated” Swimsuit Cover Models And It Was Empowering

After years of admiring the models on the cover of Sports Illustrated, we decided to make ourselves into cover models.

Every year, we admire the supermodels on the covers of Sports Illustrated. We grew up seeing these women on the cover, and sometimes wondered if these were the only types of bodies society would ever consider beautiful.

But this year, we decided to take things into our own hands and make ourselves into models. We think it’s very important for women of all different shapes, sizes, and colors to be represented and give an accurate depiction of what a beach body really is. Which, by the way, is just a body on a beach.

Macey J. Foronda / Alice Mongkongllite

Check out the video of our experience here:

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Growing up, I always thought Sports Illustrated models were beautiful and I kind of idolized them.* And when Ashley Graham was on one of this year's covers, I really came to terms with what it meant for women over a size 8. For once, someone around my size was not the funny, sassy sidekick to the leading woman. We were the star of the show — and we were sexy.

*This is usually the part where you say, « Well don't idolize them and stop being a baby! » and this is when I say, « Fuck you. You try not being influenced by beauty standards at an impressionable age. »

Going into this I had really low expectations. Beach photo shoots are hard — there, I said it. There's a shit ton of sun, sand is everywhere, the poses are no bueno. Bikini models: mad respect, yo. This might be shocking but I know I'm not Kate Upton. So when I saw my photo I think I was pleasantly surprised. I usually wear one-pieces or high-waisted bottoms because of my stretch mark, but there it was, gleaming in the sun and I. Did. Not. Care. Plus, my boobs looked like they were defying gravity when usually they destroy string bikini tops as if they were Meryl with Oscar nominations.

Sports Illustrated / Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

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