We Tried Clothes From The Internet’s Cheapest Stores And Here’s What They’re Actually Like

Sweet deal or super sketchy?

Lauren Zaser / Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Maybe you've noticed them on your Facebook page — companies with names like DressLily, SheIn, Modlily or Nasty Dress. They advertise fast fashion for super cheap — dresses for $15 and tee shirts for $9 — pulling images from EVERYWHERE and offering thousands of styles.

These brands have come under fire recently for misrepresenting what they're selling online, using stolen or doctored photos from designer brands, and generally failing to provide customers with what's been promised in the pictures.

It's clear that buying this stuff is a gamble, but what do you really get? I decided to find out.

There are literally hundreds of these brands, though many of them are actually owned by the same company in China. For the purposes of testing the quality of these brands, I decided to order from four of the companies: Zaful, Shein, Choies, and ModLily.

I tracked how long each garment took to get to me (some took a verrrrrry long time), and assessed the look and feel of each piece.

I also rated each garment on from a scale of 🙌 (for being totally not at all like the picture on the site) to 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 🙌 (for being exactly as it appeared on the site).


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