We Watched The « Pretty Little Liars » Season Finale And Have So Many Thoughts

Back to the good old bell tower we go with a limp body.



1. Finale day! This has come around so quick.
2. Remember last finale day? When we were so excited for the A reveal?
3. Now all I want is an end to A's shitty emoji use.
4. Honestly what the hell was that gun emoji. Like we literally needed a translation of that.
5. I do love that the whole gang is together for this.
6. They should have invited Mona though tbh, she's the only brainy one now that Spencer has given up.
7. Uggggggghhhhh not here for the boy drama between the girls.
8. I bet Caleb's secretly lovin' these two fighting over him though.
9. I love how they think they're setting up this trap for Sara Harvey. I mean honestly, over the past HOWEVER MANY YEARS, you guys have always been wrong.
10. But actually, what is their plan? I am very confused.
11. Maybe… they should just call the cops.
12. Ugh Ali and Rollins NO THANK YOU.
13. That kiss was noooooot convincing, or hot.
14. Please just let him be a bad guy. That is the only way I'll be OK with this bullshit that's been happening all season.
15. Can we pause for a second to talk about how good Alison looks without all the heavy makeup?
16. Oh, look. A mention of Jason, after basically no mention of him all season.
18. I still don't get this whole like, « I loved Charlotte, she was family » thing. It feels like a weird, fake joke that just never ended.
19. She tried to kill you mate. And all your friends.

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